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And So Much More

You already know our thermofoils are stocked from prime calender houses.
However, you may not know we usually keep 375,000 yards of inventory in-house, at any given time.

You already know we stock the finest foils in our state of the art Miami warehouse, ensuring immediate availability.  However, you may not know we always have small "hand" samples ready for mailing, and frequently roll off 5-yards of foil and express mail it out to customers who want to test-press our goods.

You already know our pricing starts at $3.99/lineal yard.
However, you may not know our foils are ALWAYS going to be at least 20% less money than ANY other distributor.  Don't think so?  Call at 631-969-1050 and see!

You already know building with green, eco-friendly materials is very important and helps to sustain our natural environment.  However, you may not know that does its part for Mother Earth, by offering a full-scale recycling program for our customers.  Here's a photo of one recycling project:

You already know that we carry dozens of colors, in many grains and thicknesses.  However, you may not know that we will be happy to give you a certified freight rate, in order to take the shipping details out of your hands.

Click below for our foil's structure:

Click below for our foil's Technical Specification Sheet:
Click below for our foil's Material Safety Data Sheet: